"Having had a serious back problem for a number of years, which meant I rarely slept through the night and took regular pain medication. I heard about the positives of pilates during a period of remedial physiotherapy (following an episode in A & E on morphine..) and began regularly attending Ann Howgego's Thursday pilates class in Wootton. 3 years on, I take no pain medication for my back, sleep through the night and am back to enjoying sporty hobbies like skiing and riding. I can honestly say that Ann's class has had a very positive impact on my personal mobility, pain relief and happiness levels! :) Thank you Ann"

Sally Foan , Northampton

"I’ve been attending Ann’s Pilates classes for several years now and still love it! Ann makes each class very enjoyable and varied, so much so that I don’t think I’ve ever done two classes the same. Pilates is very good for building core strength and helps to improve body awareness when carrying out everyday tasks. Ann’s excellent knowledge of the subject means that she is able to adapt the exercises to allow for any injuries. Her classes can be enjoyed at any level and prove that fun can be had while benefitting from the exercises."

Dawn Johnson, Northampton

" I have been attending pilates with Ann for 16 years and have benifitted tremendously. Last year Ann did a course that was v different to her usual ones. It was called trigger point pilates. Intrigued I went to a trial class and was immediately hooked. I feel relaxed and stress free when I walk out of the hall on Thursday evenings. I am always shocked at how mobile I feel. I feel the benefits of that class for days. Getting out of bed without stiffness in the morning is the most obvious.. it really is amazing. I wouldn't give it up now it's such an important part of my week"

 Sharon McClellan, Northampton